NDN Tutorials

Tutorial at ACM SIGCOMM (2017)

Van Jacobson, Beichuan Zhang, Alex Afanasyev, John DeHart, Jeff Burke, Yanbiao Li, Lixia Zhang

  1. NDN – Why Bother? (Van Jacobson)
  2. NDN Research (Beichuan Zhang) (Slides)
  3. NDN Codebase and Development (Alex Afanasyev) (Slides)
  4. NDN Demos I: ONL, Testbed (John DeHart) (Slides)
  5. NDN Demos II: Cloud-optional Home IoT (Jeff Burke, Yanbiao Li) (Slides)
  6. NDN Demos III: NDNHealth (Jeff Burke, Haitao Zhang)
  7. Wrap-up (Lixia Zhang)

Tutorial at ACM ICN (2016)

“Exploring NDN Research through Real World Problem Solving”

Lixia Zhang, Beichuan Zhang, Davide Pasavento, Alex Afanasyev, Jeff Burke

  1. NDN Architecture Overview (Slides)
  2. An Overview of NDN Codebase (Slides)
  3. Introduction to a Simple Demo NDN Application (Slides)
  4. Developing Simple NDN Applications (Slides)
  5. Experimenting with NDN Apps using Mini-NDN (Slides) (unfortunately, recording for this session is not available)
  6. Developing Simple Simulations with ndnSIM (Slides)
  7. Contributing to NDN Open Codebase (Slides)
  8. Q & A Session (Slides)

Tutorial at ACM ICN (2015)

Synchronization and Security in ICN

Steve DiBenedetto, Hila Ben Abraham, Jeff Thompson, Alex Afanasyev, Yingdi Yu, Jeff Burke, Lixia Zhang

  1. Welcome and Introduction (Slides: Part 1 Part 2)
  2. Multiparty Synchronization (Part 1, Intro) (Slides)
  3. Multiparty Synchronization (Part 2, Code) (Slides)
  4. Schematized Trust (Part 1, Intro) (Slides
  5. Schematized Trust (Part 2, Code) (Slides
  6. Name Based Access Control (Slides)

Tutorial at ACM ICN (2014)

Patrick Crowley, Jeff Burke, Alex Afanasyev, Beichuan Zhang

The videos of the first part of the NDN tutorial at the recent ACM ICN Conference in Paris, France:
  1. ACM ICN 2014 Tutorial Session 1: Introduction to NDN, Introduction to Applications, Security Libraries, Naming Conventions
  2. ACM ICN 2014 Tutorial Session 2: Overview of NFD, Routing, NDN Testbed, ndnSIM

Van Jacobson speaks on Content Centric Networking (2009)

The Named Data Networking (NDN) project makes use of the CCN (Content-Centric Networking) architecture developed at the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC). In this presentation, Van Jacobson speaks on content-centric networking at the Future Internet Summer School (FISS 09) in Bremen, Germany in June 2009. NDN PI Van Jacobson discusses the philosophy behind content-centric and named data networking at the Future Internet Summer School (FISS 2009) in Bremen, Germany. See the full video lectures, approximately three hours total.