NDN Hackathons

7th NDN Hackathon

Hackathon projects:
  1. Interest Buffering
  2. Modernize ndn-js
  3. Why Fractalide
  4. Named Reddit
  5. 3D Visualization of NDN Traffic
  6. Refactor encoding and decoding in NDN-RIOT
  7. Mini-NDN documentation
  8. Self-learning Forwarding Strategy: NFD Implementation and Testing

6th NDN Hackathon

Hackathon projects:
  1. NFD Management Thread
  2. Porting PSync C++ library to Java
  3. IoT security bootstrapping with NDN
  4. Implement State Vector Sync (SVS) and Apply It to Repo
  5. Make NDN Congestion Control work in ndnSIM
  6. A Basic Forwarding Strategy for Ad-hoc Networks in NFD

5th NDN Hackathon

Hackathon projects:
  1. Firefly: A globally scalable message bus with NDN at the edge
  2. Implementing Broadcast-based Self-learning Forwarding Strategy in NFD
  3. Demonstrating the Benefits of In-Network Congestion Detection
  4. NFD Measurements Table Manager
  5. NDN Snapchat
  6. NFD Content Store Management

4th NDN Hackathon

Hackathon projects:
  1. ndnSIM Mobile Simulation Package
  2. Mini-NDN Wi-Fi
  3. Initial Implementation of Interest Digest in NFD
  4. NDN Maps application
  5. Namespace synchronization with the Common Name Library
  6. Ethernet Unicast Face

3rd NDN Hackathon

Hackathon projects:
  1. SQL-based Repository
  2. NDN Stack for ESP8266 Microcontroller
  3. Ad-hoc NDN Relay with MicroForwarder
  4. HR Next Phase
  5. nlsrSIM
  6. Android NDN auto-configuration
  7. New Congestion Adaptation for ndncatchunks

2nd NDN Hackathon

Hackathon projects:
  1. Logging Facility in ndn-cxx
  2. Mini-NDN Real-time Interaction GUI
  3. Micro forwarder Firefox add-on
  4. OSX Binary Release with NFD Control Center
  5. NFD-android auto-configuration
  6. NDNFit-NFN integration
  7. NDN-RTC congestion control